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Design-build, construction management, value engineering, and general construction are some of the services we offer to our clients, who include Belz Enterprises, The Peabody Hotel, Davidson Hotels and Resorts, Boyle Properties, and FedEx. No project is too small.

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Design-build is a method of construction project delivery, in which the design and construction of a building are both executed by a single entity, rather than the traditional method of contracting two different entities to work separately – one to design, one to build. With fewer involved parties, there is far less chance of miscommunication, wasted work, and wasted material, as a sole collaborative team will produce concept and results cohesively, rather than doing separate work that could risk expensive conflict over even the slightest misunderstanding.

With our competence and wealth of experience in both designing and building, having York Construction Company seamlessly handle all aspects of construction, from concept through execution, minimizes the project’s time, risk, and overall cost.



Construction Management

Construction Project Management, or CPM, is the art of planning, coordinating, and directing the resources of a construction project to meet objectives and satisfy a client’s requirements, all within a tight time frame. Managing both human and material resources, keeping within the established schedule and budget, and maintaining clear communication throughout is a process that requires an intimate understanding of design, construction, and business management.

York Construction Services has the understanding and expertise that you need to manage your construction project, and we will work with you from beginning to completion, consulting with you on your project every step of the way.



Value Engineering

Value engineering is the systematic improvement of the value of your construction project. By cutting out unnecessary expenditures, minimizing your time and cost, and maximizing construction performance and efficiency, we can ultimately achieve the most effective results with as little strain on your budget and resources as possible.

York Construction Services will analyze your construction project and keep your budget firmly in mind, to give you the most affordable construction while maintaining the highest standards of quality and delivering the results you need. With our reliability and experience at your disposal, you’re guaranteed to get the most for your money.



General Construction

A successful construction project requires a constant balance between cost and results. You need the practical experience and management know-how to achieve both, and complete your project within a strict time frame without compromising its integrity.

York Construction Services is absolutely dedicated to undertaking your construction project swiftly, smoothly, and precisely, with all the expertise that our years in the industry have afforded us, and the resolute focus to see your project through to its full completion. With York Construction Services, you will be delivered the construction that you need, when you need it, consistently and reliably.


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